Monday, August 30, 2010

Alexa's Art

Tonight Alexa was busy making masterpieces for everyone. She had said that she did a project like this in Art Class and wanted to share it with us. She showed us how to make the arches, swirls and "twisters" as Ben calls them. We all had fun - thanks for showing her how to do this Ms. Lagerstam!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Alexa's First Day of School - First Grade

I am late with posting Alexa's first day of school pictures, but here they are. I can't believe that school has started once again. It just feels like we were finally getting settled into the summer routine and "Bam" it's back to school time. I will say that it was a little easier for me to drop her off this year - no tears, but there still was that nagging feeling like you are forgetting to take something with you when I left. Yes - I was the dorky mom who had to take a picture of her in the classroom this year!
She did wonderful though - as you would expect from her. She was excited to find out that she got the teacher she wanted, plus an extra one. She has class with two teachers once again. She said to me "last year was so much fun with two teachers - so this year is going to be great too!"

We are so proud of her and Ben is too!