Monday, September 21, 2009

Reason 1 - Where my time has gone

Things have been crazy around here for the past few months, as you know with the lack of postings. It seems that with chasing after the kids and all the other things I was obligated to do, I just didn't have a whole lot of free time. This project is one of the reasons for the lack of free time. I have been working on this bunch of wedding invitations - 165 of them to be exact. My hubby's cousin is getting married and she asked me - what an honor - to design and make all of the wedding invitations. I was so excited that she asked and got busy designing a few samples for her - I will eventually post them as time allows (keep reading and you'll find out why I say this). Since she has finally gotten them out in the mail I think it is ok to share them with you.

Here they are in all their glory!

Hayley is a very simple type of gal and her tastes are very similar to mine, so it made designing her invites super easy. The one she chose was the first one I came up with. We modified it a bit to fit her budget. The orignal was a folder, but to save a little on costs we went with the pockets on the back of the invite to hold the few things she was sending with it. Please note that the picture shown is of my wonderful babies, she placed a picture of her and her fiance in it's place. I think the whole thing turned out really cute. Let me know your thoughts.

So my posting will not be regular (as it took me almost a day to publish this one) for a little while longer as, I guess, I did such a great job on Hayley's invites, that my brother-in-law's fiance has enlisted me to do their wedding invitations as well - 224 of them. They are a little more detailed than Hayley's and I will show it to you once I get them finished and Muneeba has sent them out. Until the next post - take care and happy stamping!


Stampin' With Jessi and Rachel said...

WOW! I completely understand what you have been doing as I have just completed 80 birth announcements and have had numerous back-to-back projects! It makes it really hard to do anything else much less have time to post! LOL The invitations are beautiful and I can't wait to see the other ones you are doing!!

Tegan said...

these are awesome mandy! very elegant :)

yeah i've been pretty busy, but mostly tired all. of. the. time. haha - i'm in my second last week of highschool which is both hugely terrifying, but also exciting with the thrill of unexpected events ahead. hoping to get into med sci, but we'll see how that goes with my results >.<
yes.. the dust storm. it was pretty crazy here, waking up to an orange glow from behind my blinds. something the suburbs and city do not see often..or at all! the country areas (rural, inner australia) do get dust storms, but it travelled over half of nsw and into queensland! i can't believe it went global :O