Wednesday, February 3, 2010

For Tegan and all my blogging buddies!

I just wanted to apologize for not posting in like - FOREVER! The tasks of daily life have taken over and I have not been able to get a grasp on things. There is no need to worry though - everything is fine, we are just super busy! I am hoping that I will become more efficient at multi-tasking and get the things that have piled up accomplished so I can get back to crafting. Thanks for bearing with me.

So for being such wonderful blogging buddies and for checking in, I wanted to share a few of the cards that I had made over my very long hiatus, but was just not able to post them. If you want the specifics on any of them just shoot me an email and will will get back to you - I promise.

For your viewing pleasure:

You can find my "Simple Thank You" card on SCS - HERE.

You can find my "Praying For You" card on SCS - HERE.

You can find my "Birthday Wish" card on SCS - HERE.

You can find my "You're So Sweet" card on SCS - HERE.

You can find my "For the Bride" card on SCS - HERE.

Thanks again for sticking with me!


SNOOPY said...

These are all absolutely fantastic! I especially love the Birthday Wish card. What a great idea!

Do you remember what size circle you used? Is there a template for cutting it out?

Snoopy :D


Robyn said...

Hi Mandy! So glad to have you back!Looks like you haven't lost your touch with the cardmaking!

Tegan said...

i wish i knew people who get married weekly haha, because there's something about that bride stamp haha. it's so beautiful!

loveeee that card, and also the you're so sweet card, in particular.

they're all so great though :) so great to have you back creating and sharing. you're a HUGE inspiration!