Monday, August 24, 2009

Alexa's First Day of School

Today was Alexa's first day of Kindergarten and we marked the occasion with the famous "First Day of School" picture. She is such a brave girl! She was so excited to wear her uniform and her knee socks, which I will add she looks so adorable and grown-up in, and head off to the school. She was only hesitant for a second when we turned the corner and she saw a gym full of kids. Her teacher quickly came over and directed her where to go. She sat down quietly in line and waited instruction. I watch for a few minutes and then I just couldn't take it any longer - I turned around with tears in my eyes. Why is so hard to see your baby grow up! Here is my "First day of school" picture. I am sure that many of yours were the same.

Have a great day! (I say between the sobs!)


Rachel said...

Awww she's adorable Mandy!! Today was my daughter's first day of Kindergarten also, I made it to the car before i burst into tears lol. Hope your day is going good. she will be home before you know it. that's what i keep telling myself. haha.

Butternut Sage Designs said...

oh Mandy, I am so old but remember that day for my daughter too. In fact the sunlight hit almost exactly the same on her hair as your daughters hair. She is a mom of 32 now with a kindergartener of her own. As sad as today is, I am sure behind the tears is pride in a job well done "mom". I am able to tell you your heart will swell many times with joyous tears with each litlle and big milestone to come...hint...wait until College Graduation get a bushel of tissues for that LOL!!! Have a great day and savor the "off" time without guilt! ~Donna

Robyn said...

Hi Mandy! What wise words from Donna- can't top that advice! Hey great to have you back!!