Friday, October 16, 2009

Alexa was sent to the Principal's office!

Today I got word that Alexa was sent to the Principal's Office - oh the horror! Come to find out there was a wonderful reason for it. She was selected to be a member of the "Principal's Club". From the brief explanation I got - it was for being respectful to others, being helpful, polite and an all-around great student - I think it is like getting "Student of the Month" for her grade. She was so excited about it and she got the honor of visiting with the Principal this morning. She received a certificate, a candy bar and an invitation for lunch at a later time. She was elated and so proud and we were proud of her too! I wish I could of been there when they called her name at the assembly - I am sure the look on her face was priceless! I am so glad that her first trip to the Principal's Office was for a positive reason - my next thought is "Boy, Ben has big shoes to fill" the poor thing!


Angie said...

How wonderful! We are so proud of Alexa, and want to send her our congratulations for the big accomplishment.
Aunt Angie, Uncle Jef, Max, Charlie & Kramer

Oliva said...

Well done Mother!!! Give yourself a pat on the back!