Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween Fun!

Here are a few pictures from Halloween. The kids dressed up and went Trick-or-Treating in their costumes. Alexa was a cute bunny and Ben wanted to be a Scuba Diver. They looked so cute in their costumes! Ben was a little under the weather, but we dressed him up and let him go to a few houses for treats. They also had some time with Dad carving a little pumpkin. They had so much fun!


Brandi said...

How cute is the scuba diver!!! Hope you get back craft blogging soon!

Hanneke Godijn said...

very cute! I wish we would celebrate Halloween like you do! Alyssa was in the US in her first year and she dressed up like a butterfly, it was so much fun!
On Nov. 11 we have St. Maarten, kids go out on the street with an own-made lantarn, sing songs on door steps and get candy, but it's not like Halloween, with all the cute dressed up kids!