Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I've been tagged - not once, but twice!

Julie over at Julie Cameron's Studio - who is very talented and creates some of the most gorgeous cards I have seen - and Olivia over at Olivia's Creative Quest - who has just became one of "My Message Followers" and has some awesome things on her blog as well - have tagged me. This fun little game is a picture posting game. SO LET THE FUN BEGIN! 

The rules: 
Go into your pictures. Pick the 6th folder and upload the 6th picture. 
Here is what I found!

I supervise a program at our local recreation center for kids ages 1 - 7. We open up the gym, pull out all the toys and let the kids have all the fun they want. Now don't get me wrong, the parents stay to play with the kids - I just watch over and help to avoid those incidents that happen when kids get together. This picture is of Ben playing ball. I had just got my new camera the day before and decided to take it with me to play with it as they played. He really looks into the game - doesn't he!

So now I get to tag a few others to play along - up to six!

Have fun and let me know when you post the picture.


Oliva said...

Thank you for playing! He sure is cute!

Julie Cameron said...

Im glad you culd play!