Saturday, May 2, 2009

Another card set

I made this card set to have on hand in case I got another person to sign up for one of my handmade gifts. Since it was so long ago and I only had one person sign up, I thought that I would share them with you now. (You can find the post about getting a surprise from me HERE.) If you want this set of cards sign up on the post mentioned and follow the directions and they could be yours.

They are all made using the same stamp set, very simple and can be used for any occasion - which I like the best.  You can find all the details for my Gift Set cards on SCS at the links following each picture:

"Blue Gift Card" - HERE

"Green Gift Card" - HERE

"Pink Gift Card" - HERE


Jennifer said...

You know Mandy, I gave that set to my daughter so she could use them for her thank you notes to her family who sends her money while she is away at college. She saw them and asked if she could have them. I gave her a kit to make her own, but she just had to have yours. So they are greatly appreciated and used.

Rachel said...

These are gorgous!! whoever receives this set is one lucky person!! :0)