Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thankful Thursday #31

I must admit, I have been thankful for this all week:


You are all saying "WHAT?" now right? I came across this game online and thought that it would be a great learning tool for Alexa to teach her how to spell, but little did I know that when Brad and I sat down to play the actual game that it would be so much fun and so addicting. Brad and I love to play Scrabble, but with the two kids running around it was hard to get a game in, also it would drag on forever. This game is over in about 20 minutes and keeps you alert. The perfect two player game (up to eight can play with the set). You can find it on Amazon - HERE or we picked up ours at Target for around $15. I am thankful that Brad and I have found such a fun game that is quick enough that the kids don't realize we are playing. What's your favorite game to play?

Feel free to leave a comment on what you are thankful for - I would love to know! Until next time, take a moment to think of something you are thankful for, then smile!

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