Tuesday, May 12, 2009

So sorry!

I have taken a little hiatus from stamping - SORRY! I have been having fun outside with the kids enjoying the wonderful weather and, I have to admit, I just discovered the Twilight series of books. If you have read these books, then you know that it is so hard to do anything else until you finish. I have completed the first book - in six days - and I am anxious to start the next one, but I promise that I will get a my "Change it up Tuesday" card up later this eve after we have played in the sun.


Stampin' With Jessi and Rachel said...

TOTALLY understand!!! Jessi and I read those books a little while back and LOVED them too! You're right it is way to hard to put them down!

Jennifer said...

Well you have to enjoy the outsides while you can and enjoy the kids while you can. I wouldn't apologize if I were you.

Rachel said...

Have a GREAT time with the kiddos!! :0)

Brandi said...

That is so funny! I am loving me some edward cullen and I am almost done with the second book. The movie twilight was awesome, and that is actually what got me hooked on the books. Enjoy! We all need a little hiatus once in a while.