Tuesday, August 5, 2008

We're back!

Please forgive the lack of postings, but at the last minute we decided to take a short vacation. We went back to one of our favorite spots in Orlando - no we didn't do anything Disney -  we just stayed at the resort and hung out at the pool. It was GREAT and so much fun! Here are a few pictures from our adventure.

We were sitting on our patio and these two birds just happened to walk by - well walk right up to the patio to say "Hi"!  We all ran inside at that point and this is how it played out: Ben frightened - yet intrigued; Alexa asking 20 questions then referring to a booklet to find out what they were; Mom & Dad in the background laughing. Here is a picture as proof!

With the birds long gone we took to the waterpark at the resort and this is where we spent most of our days and evenings. Alexa could not get enough swimming and Ben loved to take the "floating donut" in and out of the water. With all the fun by the time Saturday rolled around Alexa and Dad were all for more swimming and Ben and I were ready for something else.  My favorite thing was that Ben kept saying "No more swimming cool - I done". We had lots of fun and will go back again and again, I'm sure.  

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