Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thankful Thursday - #13

I just realized that I did not post a "Thankful Thursday" last week - UGH! I will tell you the reason why it didn't get posted - we had a DATE night. Brad and I got a sitter and went to dinner and had a really good time. We really don't go out by ourselves enough - so with that explanation, I hope you understand.

Now onto this week's "Thankful Thursday"! We are thankful for:

"Homemade COOKIES!"

Butterscotch ones in fact. Who doesn't love those yummy Nestle Toll House morsel cookies?! Alexa, Ben and I congregated around the oven waiting for the timer to go off so we could demolish the evidence before Brad got home. 

Here are the action shots:


Feel free to leave a comment on what you are thankful for - I would love to know! Until next time, take a moment to think of something you are thankful for, then smile!

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Robyn said...

Hi Mandy ! What cutey kids you have! I am thankful for my children - I have a son,25 and a daughter,22. They are both great!