Monday, September 15, 2008

Uplifting words by a 4 year old

As I was driving Alexa to school this morning we were having a talk about how big she is getting and that she was big enough to get ready for school on her own. Here is how a tidbit of the conversation went.

Me: "Alexa you are getting so big. You know that mommy should not have to help you get ready for school in the mornings. You can get dressed and put your shoes on - you're a BIG girl."

Alexa: "I know I am big girl - but I will be your little girl forever (with the biggest smile on her pretty little face)."

At that point, I gave up on convincing her that she was big and just appreciated the moment and her wonderful words! 

1 comment:

Hanneke said...

Wow, these are the great moments you will cherish forever! Children are such a blessing.
Love, Hanneke