Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It was a BIG Day!

It was a BIG day at our house yesterday. Alexa has had this loose tooth for about 3 weeks now and I told her that if she could get it out yesterday (Tuesday) that I would go get her Barbie Thumbelina. She is the type of girl that had to work towards a goal - Ben however, nothing motivates that boy he will forever be in diapers. Anyway, she worked and worked at it all day. She even came to me several times yesterday to wiggle it. We wiggled and wiggled and I could tell that she was getting discouraged, but just before bath we gave it one last wiggle and wouldn't you know . . .

Guess I am going to the store today to get Barbie Thumbelina.

* * Just a note - right after I posted this Ben asked to wear his Thomas the Train underwear. I nearly fell off my chair, but we have been almost 5 hours and no accidents. Could we have a breakthrough? I'll keep you posted. * *

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