Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Change it up Tuesday #30

Wow - number 30! I love doing the "Change it up Tuesday" post. I am always surprised to see what the cards look like in the different colors. For this weeks card I thought I would redo one of my Eastern Blooms stamp set cards. It so happens that my blog buddy Tegan - just got this set for her birthday! She had asked for some inspiration using the blooms set I shared with her a few of my cards. I was totally surprised how many cards I had made using this set! Anyway she CASEd this card and just for the record, I had made about a months worth of "Change it up Tuesday" cards and it just so happened that this was the next card in the line-up. Take a look at her take on this card over at her blog "Swiftly Created" or HERE for a direct link.

My old card - "Purse Challenge #10" details can be found on SCS HERE

My "Change it Up Tuesday" card - "Purse Challenge #10 - Take 2" details can be found on SCS HERE.

* * Thank you for all the comments on last weeks post and since I had a participant, Robyn over at "Rainbows by Robyn" is getting the gift card holder. You can find her "Change it up Tuesday" card on her blog or HERE. I loved the first card she did and the "Change it up" card is fantastic as well. Leave her a comment to let her know what you think. Also be sure to leave a comment on this post or participate, for your chance to get this week card!  * *

How to play: Take a card you previously created and only change the colors used. The layout and the stamped images should remain the same. Then leave me a comment where your cards are located or if you upload to SCS use keyword CIUT30 (Gallery HERE). For fun, I will pick from those participating or commenting on Monday (4/13) and I will send you my "Change it up Tuesday" creation. Have fun and I can't wait to see what you come up with!


Stampin' With Jessi and Rachel said...

so sorry we didn't get to participate! I've been really sick! maybe this wee i will get it in on time! thankyou so much for our cards! jessi

Tegan said...

thanks for the link mandy, and for the inspiration :D
great card!!! and great colours!!!
i will definitely case it again.